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” “శివా….ప్లీజ్…..బట్టలు ఇవ్వు.చాలా సిగ్గుగా ఉంది” “మ్మ్మ్మ్……ఇదిగో…” కొద్దిగా ఒంగి తన చేతికి ఇచ్చాను.తీసుకుని,తన ఎడమ కన్ను మెల్లిగా తెరిచి చూసి అధిరిపడింది.అది నా కట్ ద్రాయర్.

Until recently, only a small team numbering a dozen researchers (including Dr Berg and Dr Riera) were even aware of its existence. But to a layman, its findings seem little short of sensational.

She informed me that her Son has left and she is at her motherhouse and will…

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Getting out of your zone to talk to someone you don't know might make you feel nervous and uncomfortable, but once you've achieved that feat, the feeling is beyond words.

While some of us maybe natural charmers, here's a few ways in which you could strike a conversation with a Project Person Tell them you're doing a project or a survey and need to interview them. Think on your feet and the interview could lead to a possible date next week. If they look back for more than three seconds, smile and walk up to them.

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