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While the whereabouts of the coins from the 19th century are no longer known, extant records mention three gold solidi of Valentinianus, three of Constantine, two of Honorius and one of Majorianus.

Not counting the long-lost ones that can’t be tracked down anymore, the study found a total of 42 pieces unearthed from the orchard site over the years.

La meilleure preuve de notre efficacité est notre propre e-commerce en PHP.

One of the reports came from metal detectorist Mark Volleberg who in 2016 unearthed 23 Roman gold coins in an orchard in the village of Lienden on the outskirts of Buren in the central Dutch province of Gelderland.Archival research revealed that the field has been parturient (and you thought “ensorceled” was a good one) with Roman gold since the 19th century.At least twice in the 1840s gold coins had been found on the field in Lienden which then belonged to Baron van Brakell, and more were found in 19.They are all solidi, a pure gold coin issued in the late Roman Empire, first by Constantine and then by subsequent emperors.The coins found in Leinden were minted over the course of more than 80 years.

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