Datagridview validating event c

Add("Book", Get Type(String)) For i As Integer = 1 To 10 dt. Add(i, "Pub Name" & i, "Book" & i) Next Data Grid View1.

After that I press "Enter", now focus is going to the second row(though I have 4 columns).

Next is an overview of working with data, followed by an overview of specific major features.

Lastly, a best practice section concludes the main part of this document.

When you programmatically resize columns that have Inherited Auto Size Mode property values of Fill, however, the calculated content-based widths are used to proportionally adjust the column Fill Weight property values, and the actually column widths are then calculated according to these new proportions so that all columns fill the available display area of the control.

Friends, I'm working on windows application using C#. The functionality I need is when I press "Enter" key the focus should go to the next cell(column of same row).

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